Kindergarten games with a 3-D Farm Puzzle Board

You can play many kindergarten games with this 3D-puzzle.


It helps to develop :

  1. Creative Thinking Skills – Spatial and imagination
    Playing with puzzle, other than developing spatial skills, you can spark off the children’s imagination by asking them to create a short story.
    You can start the story like this –
    Johnny is spending his holiday in his grandfather’s farm. He loves to play with the animals. His favorite animal is his best friend, the sheep, Pink Furry.
    Ask the children either to continue with the story or make their own. Other than developing their imagination, it can definitely help in their vocabulary and comprehension.
  2. Reasoning Skill – inference (making connections)
    Inference means making a guess about what you do not know by drawing from your own experiences or reading between the lines. Helping children develop this skill can help them gain more personal and memorable pleasure from reading, to read text more critically and remember and apply what they have read.
    Inference is a skill all of us are already using in our daily life. For example, when there is a strong wind and heavy clouds, we infer that it is going to rain soon. When we met a friend with a bandage on her finger we infer that she might have cut herself.  When we see a stranger in the street dress up as a clown, we infer that he is going to a costume party.
    When the child understands that they are using this skill, we just now need to apply it to reading and can help the child feels more confident.
    We can use kindergarten games and pictures to develop this skill as is less complicated than using text as pictures can paint a tell a thousand words or even stories. Using only pictures forces the children to observe carefully what is going on and to notice small details to understand the story’s meaning.
    Moreover, this puzzle is 3-D which makes it more captivating.
    These are some kindergarten games using this 3-D puzzle to develop inference skill :
    a) Ask the children what is going on in this picture.
    b) Describe the tractor in the puzzle. Give them the clue. It is red in color. It can help the farmers plough and mow the farm and lift very heavy things. What do you infer it is? Then ask the child to pick the picture.
    c) Johnny looks very happy and not afraid of the animals.  I know that …. children will cry when they are scared but Johnny is not scared, so …. this makes me infer that Johnny knows the farm animals very well, because Johnny feeds them every day.
  3. Musical Skill, Fine and Gross Motor skills and Social skill
    Sing Old MacDonald. This song is very related to the puzzle board. And as the children sing, ask them to pick up the animal. They can even act out the song.
    It would be better if the child can play the song using the piano, kazoo or the xylophone and while one is playing the musical instrument, another child is acting out the song and picking out the animals as the song goes along.
    This activity is fun when played in a group and can also foster social skills.
  4. Drawing Skill
    Let the children stencil the animal blocks on a paper and color it. Give the animals a pet name. Cut out the picture which improves fine motor skill and also eye hand coordination.
    Be more creative and make the cut out pictures into a wind chime.

    Encourage the children to imagine more fun kindergarten games using the puzzle board.
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