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Do you hope to nurture your child’s intelligence? I did when my children were growing up. I am a mother of 3 grown-up children, an accountant by profession and a previous owner of a daycare center for children ranging from 3 to 12 years old. "Much of the literature concludes that hereditary factors play a minor role at best in the determination of creativity,” University of Minnesota psychologist Niels Waller wrote in Psychological Inquiry. There are other essential factors to develop intelligence and that is “long-term” commitment, mind-set and unflappable persistence by both parent and child. One of the ways you can nurture and discover your children intelligence is simply by having fun, loads of fun playing toys with your children. I have shared in my blog various creative and interactive activities/games on how to play with the toys to develop your children thinking intelligence. All of these activities/games had been played in my daycare centre and with my own children and we had so much hilarious fun. The toys sold in this store are made of either wood, cloth, silicon, paper and metal. So head on to visit my blog and enjoy fun and magical moments playing with your children!

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