Children Development with the Mother Hen Dumpty Balancing Blocks

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How can you promote children development by playing with Mother Hen Dumpty?

This toy does not only develop fine motor skills and spatial navigation, it can also train the children patience, eye-hand coordination and also solution finding skills.

Put some fun into the game and let the children sing Humpty Dumpty song except that we change some of the lyrics.

Let the children sing this song while stacking the wooden blocks and putting Mother Hen Dumpty on the wall.

Mother Hen Dumpty sat on a wall,
Mother Hen Dumpty had a great fall,
And all the King’s horses and all the King’s men
Couldn’t put Mother Hen Dumpty together again
So (the child’s name) must not let Mother Hen Dumpty had a great fall.

Ask the child to think first how he is going to take away the blocks so that Mother Hen Dumpty does not fall off the wall. This is one form of children development where you can train him to study the task first before just diving in.

Let him voice out his thoughts or ask these questions to guide him. This encourages divergent thinking to find a solution. But try not to ask too long otherwise the child will lose interest in the game.

  1. Mother Hen Dumpty is sitting on the top. So can we pull out the blocks she is sitting on?
  2. Shall we start taking out the blocks from the bottom up? If he says no, ask him why?
  3. Shall we start taking out the blocks from the middle? If he says yes, ask him why?
  4. Shall we start taking out the blocks from the sides first?

Block building can enhance children development by allowing them to explore complex concepts in geometry such as balance and symmetry.

While playing, the children can compare like items and make important choices during block play. They learn to make adjustments and find solutions on how not to let Mother Hen Dumpty fall.

You can also develop their drawing skills as other than just stacking the blocks, the child can use the blocks to build other things like a table or a chair. Color the blocks with interesting and bright patterns.

Research has shown that children who plays with complex building blocks has higher IQ scores.  Other studies link block play to higher math scores and improving their spatial reasoning skills.

children development how to be creative

More Games to play with the building blocks!

  • Children’s imagination is infinite, do not be bound by the product itself, enjoy building more interesting shapes!
  • Develop children’s practical ability, hand-eye coordination ability, learn to think creatively.

Have fun with Mother Hen Dumpty!

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