Classical fun math games kids love to play!

Most kids have difficulty learning the difference between right and left.
Playing fun math games can developing a sense of navigation or spatial skill is one of the important concepts of math. Kids with well developed spatial skills are very creative, dramatic, artistic and musical.

There are many fun math games developing such spatial skill which we enjoyed playing with the kids at my center. The games described below are some of our favorites.

fun math activity showing direction

Beautiful colors to learn direction

You can help your kids differentiate between right and left by using colors. Kids usually know the names of basic colors like red, blue, green and yellow.  Colors are something which they can see and easily associate with things around them.
Tie colored ribbon around their wrists. For example, tie yellow on the right wrist and green on the left. Then ask them to raise their right hand, the yellow ribbon or the left hand, the green ribbon.
This is one of the many simple and fun math games which can help them to connect or associate the color with the correct direction.

fun math game with policeman

Playing traffic policeman

Kids have boundless energy and they never seem to be able to sit still.  We would usually play this game during their break time. We will have one kid pretending to be a traffic policeman.
She will wear a blue glove on the right hand and a red glove on the left hand. She will be directing traffic as to where each kid will be sitting at their table for their break.
When we say this kid goes to the right, she will have to raise her right hand with the blue glove and similarly with the left hand. The kids cannot wait for their turn to play this game which is one of the many fun math games. It also helps them to learn the concept of direction.

fun math using pins

Bowling game

You would need a ball and some empty plastic bottles. Line up the bottles in a row like bowling pins. Let the kid use the ball to hit the bottles from varying distances.

They must listen carefully to know which hand they must use to roll the ball. If they use the wrong hand their scores will be subtracted.
We would usually play this game as a competition to see which group can bowl down the most bottles. It makes the game more fun and exciting. This is one of the excellent fun math games which we play at the center. 

This game not only helps to develop their coordination and navigation skills but also on their counting and arithmetic skills such as addition and subtraction. 
We would involve the kids on how to keep a scorecard by learning to count the number of bottles which fell, adding or subtracting the scores to decide which group is the winner.

Kids gain a great sense of accomplishment when they learn to do things with their hands. Playing these fun math games helps them to refine their motor skills.
It involves the small muscle movements of their hands and fingers in coordination with their eyes and also require dexterity, precision and manipulative skills.

Just have fun with the kids to help them discover and explore.

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