Early Childhood Development with Draw and Color Me!


These toys are one of the best educational tools for early childhood development.

It is a puzzle, drawing board and also can be used for story telling.


After the children has finished drawing, ask them to tell a story. My family went to the circus for the holiday. We saw a funny clown with a big red nose and a bright yellow bow-tie. He was juggling many colorful balls. We have a great time.

Encourage them to use more adjectives to enhance their sentences and improve their writing skills. This also help to develop their observation skills

The cartoon sheet on the right is not just a simple reference sheet but can be creatively used to develop memory by linking the pictures with silly stories.

The black polka dot ball went swimming with the duck and was eaten by a brown cunning fox who was feeding a baby with a baby bottle in a brown cookie house.
Cover the sheet and ask the child to recall the pictures in sequence and you will be amazed.

This linking silly stories using the pictures is a very effective tool to develop memory and a very useful tool for early childhood development.

A child in my daycare centre could recall 300 cards in correct sequence using this simple tool and she had very good grades in her English comprehension.

The children not only find it fun and enjoyable, it develops their memory and imagination and at the same time get to learn more words.

Through drawing and telling stories, playing with these toys, the children are already developing many thinking skills – their motor skills, cognitive skills, visual perception skills, spatial skills, imagination and creative skills, observation skills and language skills. All these skills  guiding them to overcome all of life’s obstacles.

So now you know how to choose the right toys for your children’s early childhood development! Get one of these now and let your children’s imagination run wild!

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