Early Childhood Development with the Bishops and Animals

Montessori Wooden Cylinder Puzzle Blocks

When a child reaches 7 – 12 months old they start to have toy preferences and explores a variety of toys.

These Bishop-shaped building blocks are deceptively simple but is packed with loads of fun and a great educational tool for early childhood development.



Critical milestones for a baby learning to talk can happen in the first 3 years when the baby’s brain is fast developing. Your baby’s speech development depends on how skillful you can talk to your baby.

Babies as young as 4 months old can benefit from sounds and words.

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Here are some recommended activities you can play with them.

  1. Let them touch the objects
    Children within this age group are very curious to touch, see and be a part of the surroundings. Let them touch the objects – the different sizes, colors to promote sensory skills. Help them to fit into the holes or move the Bishop one square forward to promote fine motor skills.
  1. Introduce size, shapes and colors
    As they feel the Bishops, say out – this is very tall, very round, very short, very fat, very thin, very big, very small. Give them a headstart in understanding different shapes and sizes by comparing and observing.
  1. Introduce them to words
    As they touched the colored objects, say out the colors. Blue is the color of the sky and you can point to the sky. Red is the color of this apple. Green is the color of my eyes and yellow is the color of the sun.
    This is a big green elephant. This is a small red rabbit.
    In early childhood development, babies passively “absorb” the language through contact.

For toddlers you can play more activities like matching the colors of the Bishops with the squares.
Disarray all the colored or the wooden bishops on the floor and encourage them to sort into the same shades of colors or sizes.
Color and size recognition and matching encourages visual perception skill.
Encourage them to describe the animals – the Big Green Elephant has a long nose. There is Father and Mother Elephant with their 3 baby Elephants.

One of the essential skills to develop during early childhood development is good visual perception skill which is an essential skill for reading, writing, completing puzzles, drawing, completing math problems and many other skills which when well developed can greatly improve their academic performance.

Promote creative skills by encouraging the children to color the wooden Bishops. Color a snake winding around the wooden block, bright polka dots, different color stripes and so on. Let them imagine to promote their imagination to create and invent new ideas.

This is one of the recommended fun toys for babies and toddlers.

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