Early Childhood Development with the Musical Piano Mat

We really recommend to have this music mat for the children as it is not only hilariously fun but can develop so many different types of intelligences and is one of the important early childhood development. The mat is also extra big for 2 to 3 children to play together.

Activities to play with this mat is endless.

  1. Switch on the different music – most of them are nursery songs and encourage the children to guess the song and sing along. This promotes auditory skill and also introduces new songs to them.
  2. Challenge the children to play the music by either playing with their hands or jumping on the notes with their feet. This is really fun as it not only stimulate their music intelligence and sensory skills but promotes gross motor skills.
  3. Say out an animal name and ask the children to find it and say out the name out loud and mimic their sound. Then press the animal to hear the sound. This promotes observation and listening skills.
  4. Guess what sound each animal make and where do they stay.
  5. Ask the child which is their favorite animal and why is it so.
  6. Ask the children questions. Which animal can fly and swim. Which animal stays in the farm. Which animal has lots of fur. Which animal is a pet. This encourages inference skills by training the children to make connections.
    Turn around the activity and instead of you asking the questions, let the children ask you questions. This is one of the activities to encourage early childhood development by developing their analysing skill.
  7. Encourage the children to make stories on the animals. This promotes creativity and imagination.
  8. Have fun playing these music with the children. Other than developing fine and motor skills, it can promote number recognition. The Old MacDonald music will also give more meaning to the music mat.
  9. While one child is playing Old MacDonald, have another child to press the animal key when the part on the animal is being played. This promotes team coordination, listening and observation skills and picture recognition.
  10. Let them practice till they need not refer to the music sheet to develop their memory and patience skills.

Mary had a little Lamb

3     2    1    2   3  3    3
Ma ry had a lit-tle Lamb

2    2     2        3     3     3
Lit-tle Lamb Lit-tle Lamb

3     2    1    2   3   3    3
Ma ry had a lit-tle Lamb

3       2       1       2        3    3  3
Its Fleece was white as snow

Old MacDonald had a Farm

1       1       1      5      6  6      5     3     3     2     2     1
Old Mac-Don-ald had a Farm, Ee-eye, Ee-eye, Oh!

5        1    1        1     5     6       6          5      3   3      2     2    1
And on this farm he had some ducks, Ee-eye, Ee-eye, Oh!

5        5        1            1         1      5  5       1             1      1
With a Quack, Quack, here and a Quack, Quack, there

1              1         1         1     1     1         1    1       1         1
Quack here, Quak there, Ev-ery-where a Quack, Quack

1        1       1    5      6   6       5     3     3     2     2     1
Old Mac-Don-ald had a Farm, Ee-eye, Ee-eye, Oh!

Encourage the children to find more music sheets to play with this mat and have loads of endless fun! Playing music is one of the ways for early childhood development.

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