Educational Toys for Toddlers – Sunshine Flower Building Blocks

Montessori Teaching Materials Mat Baby Educational Toys For Baby Wooden Montessori Teaching Aid Flower Shape Set of Column

We highly recommend this building blocks because you can use it to play in so many different ways.

Do not let the child stop at just stacking the puzzle in place, there are many ways to play with this toy to develop their multiple intelligences. This is one of the recommended educational toys for toddlers.

  1. It is a Puzzle
    Obviously being a puzzle, it trains the children to find the right size to fit into the puzzle. This is a great creative thinking skill as it develops spatial skill. This toy is also attractively made to look like a colored flower when fully assembled.

  2. It is also a math toy!
    It teaches geometry ! It has six shapes – ask the child how many shapes they can spot. Perhaps they could spot more than 6 shapes! It has an oval, a rectangle, square, triangle, pentagon and a circle. Extend further to help the child recognise shapes – which shape is 3-sided, 4-sided, 5-sided. Which shape has 4 equal sides?
    Help the child to make connections to the shapes by asking them to find things in the house which look like a triangle – a sandwich? A rectangle – the bed?

  1. It helps in understanding colors.
    How many colors do you see? What things in the house have this color?
    Understanding colors and shapes is a tool for learning many skills from math and science to language and reading. When you are training your child to observe similarities and differences between colors and shapes, she will be using the same skills to recognise the differences between letters and numerals. This Sunshine Flower Puzzle is one of the educational toys for toddlers to let them enjoy playing with shapes and colors.

Montessori Teaching Materials Mat Baby Educational Toys For Baby Wooden Montessori Teaching Aid Flower Shape Set of Column

  1. Forming different shapes
    Other than just a flower, encourage the children to form other shapes from the blocks, like, a colorful centipede, a tall tower for Rapunzel or a bicycle.  Let the children have their own imagination to build the blocks, this will definitely promote their imagination and creative skills.

  2. Story Telling
    I always encourage the children at my daycare centre to tell a short story after they have built a shape. One of the children built a rectangle shape with borders which I could not recognise what it resembles. He told me it is a boat and he just came back from the holidays with his family and they had a boat ride. This is one good visual perception skill.

Blocks have been one of the favorite educational toys for toddlers for over one hundred years, as you can play so many activities with it.  Children can learn so much through this play based learning, but equally as important children willl enjoy the open-ended play that blocks offer.




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