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Fifteen years ago, I once attended a seminar on children brain development using big picture flashcards for kids.

Seminar on memory technique

The trainer was flashing 10 picture cards to a row of 6 kids. And with each flash, the trainer would say out loud the name of the picture card.

The kids were able to recall all the 10 pictures in sequence with ease.

The trainer then called up a 6-year old girl and was asked to recite 300 cards in sequence. And as she recited, the trainer flashed the cards. It was amazing as she could remember all the 300 cards and in the correct sequence too!

The trainer said that the girl had been trained for more than a year using this simple technique.

Personal experience with this technique

I had personally used this technique to train my own children. However 15 years ago, I could not find  flashcards which had pictures only. All of the cards have pictures and words.

flashcards DIY


I had to make the cards from scratch with my computer and printer. I had to find the pictures, copy and paste, print it, cut it, then glued the pictures on pieces of cardboard. I even drew some of the pictures. Imagine I had to repeat this  process for more than 100 cards!




But now you do not have to go through this tedious and time-consuming process.
We have assembled here 6 packets of flashcards for kids, targeted to help them at each stage of their development.
We have made it very convenient for you to enjoy this effective learning memory technique with them.

Benefits of this technique

You can start with kids as early as 6 months old and this technique has been known to develop –

  1. Photographic Memory
  2. Multi-language learning
  3. Imagination and Creativity
  4. Communication using images
  5. Visual perception

How to effectively use the flashcards for kids.

  1. The average number is between 100 to 200 flashcards a day.
  2. Flashcards to be shown to kids 1-3 cards per second. While flashing the picture cards, say the name of picture out loud.
  3. The recommended frequency is about 5 sessions per day of 4-5 minutes per session.
  4. Most important the kids must not feel the stress and enjoy it as a game. Do not proceed when the kids attention start to sway.

flashcards for kids silly stories

Short silly stories

I had played it differently with my kids. I created short silly stories using the pictures to hold their attention. This method worked very well as they found the stories funny and amusing. It helped them to remember the pictures easier, thereby making the whole learning more fun!
The stories need not have any logical sense nor meaning.



We wrote the stories behind each card for me to read out when flashing the cards.
I have also made smaller picture cards for my children to use to recall the pictures. It is easier and more fun in pictures than just words.  

Here is an example of a silly story using 5 pictures – Cow, car, strawberry, unicorn, tiger

A cow jumped over a car which looked like a strawberry but was driven by a unicorn who married a tiger.

Fun Family Educational activity

This had turned out to be one of our most fun and memorable educational activity for my family. I printed black and white pictures for my kids to color. They had enjoyed the coloring very much before we glued them to the cards.
My children practiced their handwriting too when they wrote the silly story at the back of the cards.
Many of the silly stories were created by them. There were so much laughter and happiness!
Through all these varied activities, they had unconsciously developed their reading and literacy skills!

Though the cards making had been tedious and time consuming, it had indeed been very gratifying! Other than building their memory skills, it had helped to develop their other essential thinking skills. The bonding and communication with my children had also strengthened.

I am still keeping all the 200++ picture cards, the cards are my family ”labour of love.” I intend to hand it to my grandchildren :-))

At that time, my children could recall more than 200 cards and in sequence too. Now, they can only recall some but they remembered the fun and laughter we had during the “flashing” learning. 

We understand that it is not easy for parents especially working parents to be spending 5 different sessions a day. What I did was I spent about 15 to 30 minutes every night after work playing this memory game with my children. The duration session depended on their mood.

 Flashcards for kids. It is recommended to buy 2 sets of the “6 packets flashcards”. One set to flash and the other set for the kids to use to recall the cards sequence.
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Try it, it is very fun and brain stimulating! Now made very convenient for your family!

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