Fun Games for Kids with the Mighty Elephant Balancing Blocks

Other than just being a balancing and stacking game, there are many other fun games for kids to play with the Mighty Elephant.

Balancing and stacking the colorful sticks do not only develop fine motor skills and spatial navigation, it can also train the children patience, eye-hand coordination and also solution finding skill and also math skills!

  1. Put some fun into the game and let the children sing to the tune of “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”. You can make it more fun by acting it out too as you sing along.

The Mighty Elephant
This Elephant is mighty and strong,
Mighty and strong, mighty and strong,
This Elephant is mighty and strong,
Powoo, powoo, powoo.

This Elephant trunk is long and curls,
Long and curls, long and curls,
This Elepahnt trunk is long and curls,
Pooh, pooh, pooh

Let the children create their own songs to develop their imagination and creative skills.

  1. Teach color sequencing.
    Tell the children to stack all the red sticks, followed by blue sticks, yellow, green. This is one of the fun games for kids to learn basic algebra by understanding patterns and relationships by sorting, sequencing and categorizing.

  2. Teach geometry
    Block building can enhance children development by allowing them to explore complex concepts in geometry such as balance and symmetry.
    While playing, the children can compare like items and make important choices during block play. They learn to make adjustments and find solutions on how not to let the sticks fall off from Mighty Elephant.

Research has shown that children who plays with complex block play has higher IQ scores.  Other studies link block play to higher math scores and improving their spatial reasoning skills.

Have fun with the Mighty Elephant!

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