Fun Math Games for Kids 

How do we make math games for kids more fun?

When we inject some humor, fun and creativity while teaching math, we find the teaching process more enjoyable and lively.

Try these  fun math games for kids.

Clown Bowling Game

– Get the kids to draw several simple clown faces and write numbers 1 to 10
– Paste them on empty water bottles
– Place these bottles in a row like bowling pins
–  Say out an addition problem – What is 2 + 2?
– The kid will have to aim the answer with a ball and do a victory dance when the kid bowls the correct answer
– Move on to larger numbers, like 11 to 20…….

Rocks, Paper and Scissors
– Write numbers from 1 to 20 and place them on the floor
– Break the kids into two groups and each group stand at the end of the row of cards
– The players are required to jump over one card at a time
– While jumping over the card, they have to call out the number written on the card
– When the two players meet, do rock, paper and scissors
– The player who loses leaves and is replaced with another player from his team to continue where he has stopped 
– The player who wins continues the game
– The player who reaches the end of the row of cards wins and exits from the group
– The winner is the group which has no more players. 

fun math games for kids, girl playing hopscotch

Instead of the usual hopping over the numbers, twist the game to make learning arithmetic concepts more interesting.

– Break the kids into 2 groups
– Have a player from one group to turn his back to the hopscotch and throw a rubber band over his head
– The player to read out the number the rubber band lands on
– Players from the other group will have to think of as many addition combinations of that number. For example, the number is 6, the addition combinations are 0+6, 1+5, 3+3………
– Set a time limit for some excitement
– Move on to subtraction, multiplication and division 
– The winner is the group which can come up with the most number of combinations.

These games are very flexible which can be changed to suit what you want your kids to learn.
For example, the rocks, paper and scissors, replace the numbers with multiplication tables, like, 2×2, and the kid has to say the answer while jumping over the card!
If you want to improve their vocabulary, replace the cards or the hopscotch with alphabets, C for cat, car……..
There are so many creative ways to use these games to have fun learning with your kids!

What to expect from these fun math games for kids.

  1. When kids are enjoying these games and having a hearty laugh, carbon dioxide are driven out of the body. It is replaced by oxygen-rich air therefore boosting immunity and helps the kids to relax and reduces their stress level.
  2. Laughter and fun develops the kids reasoning and creativity skills. They will learn and retain more of what is being taught to them.
  3. Being exposed to the funny side of math which is always perceived to be a rigid and boring subject, the kids imagination is stretched to think out of the box. It encourages learning to look at the problem differently to come out with different creative ways to solve the problem.
  4. When they laugh at funny games, it helps to break the ice. It encourages lively and friendly interaction. Their social growth matures as they learn how to get along with others and work in groups.
  5. When humor is incorporated into the games, it enriches the learning process. The serious learning is made funny and playful, thereby intensifying the kids interest. It helps them to grow into more attentive listeners, willing participants and sharp observers. Their fear of math will slowly be replaced by a love to learn more.

When kids are in an environment enriched with fun, humor and lots of play while departing educational values makes them more effective learners.

Play more fun math games for kids and you will have a math prodigy at home!

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