Musical Instruments for Kids – Metal and Wooden Kazoo

What is a Kazoo?

A kazoo is a tube-formed, American musical instrument, with both ends of
the tube uncovered.
One end of the tube is flattened which is the mouth-piece, while the other end of the tube has a small circular opening. 

When you speak or sing through the kazoo, it induces an air current which makes the membrane vibrate which releases a distinctive sound.

The kazoo is one of the great first musical instruments for kids as it is simple to play, hardwearing, longer attention span and withstand being played with.

How to play the kazoo:


You hum the melody into the mouthpiece because humming create vibration.
Practice humming songs first without the kazoo.
Then try humming with your kazoo’s mouthpiece against your mouth.
You can create a diversity of sounds when you wholly or partially cover up the membrane.

Activities with the kazoo –

  1. All children knows how to hum. Encourage them to hum nursery songs first, then hum using the kazoo.
    Humming is known to be calming and soothing (which is why we always hum while trying to put a baby to sleep), training your vocals, keep sinuses healthy, helps to focus.
  2. Pretend to be the Pied Piper of Hamelin and dance around the garden or house and imagine all his favourite animals dancing with him. This develops  kinesthetic intelligence and imagination.
    Have a story telling if the children had not heard of this story.
  3. Gather some friends and have a role play. This was one of our favorite at our daycare centre. I will have one of the children humming the song “Old MacDonald” with the kazoo. The rest of the children will sing along and will jump onto the stage acting out the the animal sound – “and a quack quack here and a quack quack there” – the children flapping their arms and waddling like a duck. This activity is really fun and hilarious and promotes social skill.
  4. Invite your neighbour children to play with the kazoo and have an orchestra of music.
  5. Or form a band with each friend playing different instruments as exposing different musical instruments for kids is a great way to introduce the various musical instruments to the children.

    When children play made-up games or playing in a team, they also learn how to creatively collaborate with their friends and this teamwork skill is incredibly important as they grow up in life.

Above all, the kazoo is one of the very fun musical instruments for kids and the children will enjoy playing with it and never get bored with it.

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