Mother Goose Rhymes in motion

Encourage your children to make-believe with Mother Goose Rhymes!

mother goose rhymes

They are classics because of their simplicity and rhyme. It carries with them a musical undertone which fascinates children. And just like music always does, they find the words easy to remember and recite with you. And when the rhymes are repeatedly recited, the children will tend to use the words and phrases in their own play. That is how Mother Goose rhymes can help nurture their creativity and imagination and build their confidence!

You can bring to life these rhymes by encouraging the children to act out the rhymes.

  1. Choose any simple rhyme like Jack and Jill.
    Bring out the pails and fill them with water.

    Build a small hill by pressing and piling up cardboard boxes.
    Dress up the children.
    Recite or sing the rhyme before the act begins. This builds their enthusiasm and excitement by telling them to listen carefully because you are going to select 2 of them to act it out!
    This is a great tool to train their listening skills and imagination. Because as they listen, the children will be imagining the actions to play along with the mother goose rhymes.

  2. Little Miss Muffet is also another great nursery rhyme to play as most of the movements are the same. Let them take turns to recite and play Miss Muffet and the spider.
    Expand their imagination and creativity by asking them to think how a spider moves.  Show them documentaries on spiders.
    Ask open-ended questions. How would Miss Muffet respond when she saw a spider!
    – Did Miss Muffet squeal with fright?
    – She fainted from fear?
    – She just blew the spider away? Or
    – She gave out a big hearty laugh like Santa Claus!

Some children are very adept in role playing and can make-believe without difficulty. There can be others who are more shy and self-conscious. You can coax them out from their shell by assuring them that pretend play is a fun thing to do. Help them get started by offering suggestions or acting them out first. When children see adults doing funny imaginary actions, it bonds a trust in them. When they start to trust you, they will slowly come out from their cocoon.
And you would be surprised that they can be just as inventive and spontaneous as their other more outspoken playmates.

When children memorize, recite and perform nursery rhymes :

  1. They are developing listening and speaking skills in a joyful, non-threatening context.
  2. Their make-believe abilities are nurtured and can even overcome the fear which they might be experiencing.
  3. Become better readers because they develop an early sensitivity to the sounds of language.
  4. Accelerates both language and literacy development.Mother Goose rhymes provide a grammatical structure which the children can memorise effortlessly.
  5. Inspires movement and dramatic interpretation. It allows the children to personalise the meaning to discover their own creativity.

It is no wonder why Mother Goose Rhymes remain the grand dame of children’s nursery rhymes!
We were raised on these whimsical, magical, nonsensical and fun rhymes as were our parents, our children and now our grandchildren!

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