Education Activities for kids – Noah’s Ark Puzzle

Children Puzzle Toys Noah's Ark

Noah Ark’s Puzzle – this toy helps to develop creative thinking skill, information processing skill, drawing skill.

While playing the educational activities for kids below, their thinking skills can be developed through solution finding, counting, comparing, imagination, observation, picture and shape recognition, spatial and drawing.

After the child has completed the puzzle, you can tell a short story of Noah’s Ark.

The story of Noah’s Ark.

Long long time ago, God was very sad that the people on Earth was not kind to each other.

God told Noah to build an Ark, which is a big boat. Then God brought seven of some animals and two of every kind of animal. Birds big and small, animals short and tall went into the Ark.

There were seven cows, seven sheep, seven goats, seven chickens, seven ducks, seven turkeys, two lions, two bears, two elephants, two giraffes, two zebras, two dogs, two cats, two lizards, two spiders, two tiny ladybugs.

Then a big flood came but Noah and his family and the animals were safe as they were on the Ark. They drifted in the flood waters for many weeks and when the flood water began to go down, Noah, his family and all the animals went back to land.

Noah looked up into the sky and saw a beautiful rainbow and God promised Noah that He would never again destroy the whole Earth with a flood.

Suggested Educational Activities for Kids to play :

  1. To develop information processing skill – counting, observation and solution finding (where)
  • Count how many animals you can see.
  • How many same animals can you find. (picture recognition)
  • What are the names of the animals.
  • Play “I spy with my big blue eyes ….. a flying blue bird.” (observation)
  1. To develop creative thinking skill – spatial, visual perception, imagination and application
  • Putting the puzzle together develops spatial skills by fitting, rearranging, navigating and taking the pieces apart.
  • What do you think the animals are saying to each other.
  • A bear is hiding somewhere. Did you see it? What is the color of the bear? (Observation, solution finding)
  • Which animal is the biggest and the smallest. (Comparing)
  • Let us have another story. I will begin like this
    ”One day while Alice was walking home from school, she fell into a hole and was in a big forest with many tall trees and big beautiful flowers. Alice also saw many animals.”
    You can either let the child continue with the story or let the child create her own.
  1. To develop drawing skill – focusing on parts, follow directions, imagination and creativity, manage tasks, visual perception, fine motor skills.
  • You can use the puzzle parts to stencil the outline of the animals and color them.

Other than just a puzzle, you can use this toy to play many other educational activities for kids and develop the children different multiple intelligences.

Another great feature of this toy, is that you can frame it up as a picture to decorate the children’s room!

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