Party Games for Kids with the Flashcards.

Running out of ideas for party games for kids.

We have played these games listed here in our daycare centre and they just loved playing it over and over again. They can be played indoor or outdoor. All you need is several packs of flash cards.

These party games are fun, exhilarating, competitive and at the same time the kids can enjoy developing their multiple intelligences!

Bowling Game

  1. Attach the cards to the front of any bottles or cans.
  2. Place the bottles in a row. Have wider gaps in between so that there is less chance of bowling down more than one bottle.
  3. Say out which card the kids should bowl over. The kid with the most cards win.

Shuffled Memory Cards

  1. Select a few cards.
  2. For beginners, start off with 3 cards
  3. Show the 3 cards.
  4. Flip over the cards and shuffle. Arrange in a row.
  5. Ask the kids to say out the cards before flipping open the cards.

This Hop and Away is one of their favorites with the kids screaming away! It would be one of the most fun party games for kids too!

Hop and Away!

  1. Place picture cards in a long row.
  2. Have 2 teams of kids, each team lined up on each end of the row of cards.
  3. The kids from the 2 teams will hop over the cards one by one and have to read out loud the name of the card. The kid who does not know the name while hopping loses and join back the team. Touch the 2ndkid and continues the hopping and reading the cards.
  4. Any kid who can hop and read the last card in the row wins and do not need to join back the team.
  5. The team left with no kids is the winner.


Run for it

  1. Sort cards of few categories, like things in a bathroom, stationary, vegetable, fruits….
  2. Scatter the cards at one end of the room.
  3. Get the kids to line in a row at the other end of the room.
  4. When you call out a category, fruits, the kids start to run and find all the cards under the fruits category.
  5. The kid who has the most cards win.

My Basket of Cards

  1. Divide into 2 teams and line up.
  2. Mix up all the cards and place in front of the kids.
  3. Place 2 baskets on the opposite side of the kids with a distance.
  4. Call out a category and the kid to find 3 cards.
  5. Collect the cards and run towards the basket
  6. Put the cards into the basket and come back.
  7. Touch the 2nd player and repeat.

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Touch me if you can

  1. Place cards on the floor.
  2. Each kid given 10 rubber bands
  3. Kid throws the rubber band towards the cards.
  4. The rubber band must touch a card.
  5. The kid who has the most cards win.
  6. To get bonus points, the kid who knows the name of the cards collected has extra points.

Try all these party games for kids and develop their linguistic, kinesthetic, visual spatial, memory, listening, social and motor skills all at the same time. And they have FUN too!


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