Preschool activities to nurture children creativity

Education systems may be mass produced but every child is different and unique in their own ways. There will be children with different levels of abilities and interests. Some like to sit quietly, contented listening to stories being told while there are others who love to tell their own stories.

When they are doing their preschool activities be it in Math or English lessons, they need to work off their irrepressible energy.

preschool activities, boy on art project

Children are eager to show their teachers or their parents what they already know and can contribute. We have a boy aged 5 years old in our daycare center who likes to do his own thing. We were doing a project on creating a recipe book.  This boy was different from the rest of the class. He did not follow what was written on the board. He asked for some old magazines from the teacher. He then copied the pictures of food and drinks because pictures meant more to him than the few rows of words.

Children usually like to take initiative in their work, when they are given the opportunity and guidance to do so. But sadly this does not happen very often in many classrooms. We try not to stifle their creativity but provide them the right environment to work in. Encourage them to believe in their own gifts and the confidence to pursue them in the way they thought best.

preschool activities children on art project

Preschool activities

  1. In our classes, we would always have preschool activities. Encouraging them to express their ideas in pictures or in words through art projects like paper mache, dancing or singing. We cannot expect them to sit quietly and write lines of words which will not make them any more creative.

  2. One of our favorite preschool activities which we love to do with the children is to keep asking them questions while we are narrating a story to them. Especially when they are open-ended questions where there is no one correct answer. Giving an example “Where does the sun hide at night?” This is one of the strategies which we use to train children to be brilliant and to develop their creative thinking.

We cannot develop creativity in children by demanding them to complete pages of homework that they may find boring. Instead give them plenty of opportunities to use and explore their creativity. Encourage them to create their own homework which they feel is important . It can make their learning more effective.

When children can identify with what they are doing and learning, they are more than willing to participate and give you their full attention. They can stay focused in preschool activities that they are interested in. When they are deeply involved, they will learn best.

Growing and learning at their own unique pace

  1. Children can learn to be responsible when they are given the opportunity to discover their own gifts and talents. They can then take charge of their own learning for their future. Their development as individuals is more complete when they take charge of themselves and what they learn. This can lead them to create and develop their own system of learning that is unique to them. A style which works for them.

  2. Children handle boredom differently. One might keep quiet while another might be more vocal by letting everyone know how bored he is. Therefore,  we have to learn to accept their differences with positive expectations. They are then made aware of their own strengths to develop their own individual gifts and talents.

    The individual ability of every child is limitless. With the appropriate support, encouragement and guidance they will learn how to develop an effective and flexible learning strategy that works for them. They will develop their own unique independent thinking skills and creativity!

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