What is a Percussion – The Rainbow Color Xylophone

Colorful Xylophone with Wooden FrameDo you know that learning music can help your children improve their maths other than their musical intelligence?

When they listen and understand the beat, ryhthm and scales, it can help the child learn how to divide, create fractions and recognise patterns.

Experts don’t always agree on which instruments are best for children to learn but many music teachers agree that it is hard to go wrong with the piano, percussion (drum or xylophone), recorder, guitar or violin.

What is a percussion? Certain instruments, like the xylophone is one type of percussion instruments for kids which can help children develop their coordination and fine and gross motor skills. It requires the movement of the hands, arms and feet and very beneficial for children to develop their bodily/kinesthetic intelligence especially when the rhythm is very entertaining, the children might start to jump up and down, developing their muscle strength and balance.

Try playing nursery music like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the Xylophone.  Please remember that this is only a toy and the rhythm might be off tune but it can be hilariously fun.

Start picking up the mallets and play these popular nursery music and have loads of fun with your children!

1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and ABC has the same notes.

C        C    G      G    A   A  G
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

F       F E         E   D     D      C
How I Wonder What You Are

G     G     F   F    E         E   D
Up Above The World So High

G      G  F         F    E   E   D
Like a Diamond  in the Sky

C        C    G      G    A   A  G
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

F       F E         E   D     D      C
How I Wonder What You Are

2. Happy Birthday Notes

D     D    E         D  G   F
Happy Birthday to You

D       D  E          D A  G
Happy Birthday to You

D      D D           B    A     G        F
Happy Birthday Dear Name Here

C       C  B          G  A   G
Happy Birthday to You

3. Incy Wincy Spider (this was the children’s favorite because there were so many actions they could mimick like the spider walk, climbing up a ladder, waving their arms like the falling rain….)

CC    C       D  E   E
Incy Wincy Spi-Der

E             D     C     D    E    C
Climbed Up The Wa-ter Spout

E          E        F     G
Down Came The Rain

G      F              E     F    G    E
And Watched the Spi-Der Out

C      C        D     E     E
Out Came the Sun And

D        C     D    E    C      C
Dried Up All The Rain And

C    C C     D   E   E
Incy Wincy Spi-Der

E              D    C    D        E  C
Climbed Up the Spout A-Gain

Congratulations, you have just used one of the percussion instruments for kids and  started introducing music to your children.

  • Let the children play these music till they can memorise it and need not refer to the notes to play.
  • Search for other nursery music to play.
  • Ask them to write their own music notes and play it to listen how the rhythm sounds, and for all you know you have a composer in the making.
  • While playing the music, sing along with it, have a dance or just act the it out.

When the kids ask you what is a percussion, just show them this rainbow xylophone.

Introduce other percussion instruments for kids and observe which instrument the child likes most, and you can further develop their musical talent with a real musical instrument.


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