Ativities for toddlers at home with Chubby Sheep building blocks

Kids Wooden Drawstring Toy - Cartoon Sheep

As simple as this Chubby Sheep looks, knowing the many fun and exciting activities for toddlers  at home which you can play with it can help to develop the many thinking skills in your children.

Let us look at the many fun activities you can do with this sheep toy.



  1. It is a building block
    Usually the child will take out all the rings and put back the rings. This helps to develop spatial skills  and fine motor skills – fitting the rings together and taking it apart and rearranging it again. And that’s it – end of the game. Basically to most it is just a building block but you can do more than that!
  2. While putting back the rings, match the colored rings with the colored balls – matching the colors can develop visual perception.
  3. Ask the child which rings have the same size, which ring is the biggest and smallest – this develops their observation and comparing skills.
  4. Ask them to count the rings and the balls – counting skills.
  5. Expand their trail of thoughts. This is one of the great activities for toddlers at home – R ball stands for Red color and also the color of the apple and is a fruit and is sweet. Y ball stands for Yellow color and also the color of the lemon and is a fruit and is sour.
    They belong to the fruit family.
    R ball can row the boat and travels on the river and ride a horse and travels on land. They can take you to far far away places.
    This is a very fun activity and it actually develops several thinking skills just by this one activity – it develops their creative skills, inference skill, classification skill, divergent thinking.
  6. Ask the child to tell a story of the sheep – improves their creativity and imagination skills.
  7. Improve their memory skills by asking the child on the color sequence of the balls. What color comes next to red? You can have a fun memory game by encouraging the child to make up a story to connect the colors. The story need not be logical and the more silly and funny will make it more easier to remember the colors.
    My mother bought me a red balloon with a tail as yellow as the sun. It flew to the big tall green goblin who was eating a tiny blueberry.
    Now you can ask the child to remember the color sequence and they will surprise you. This activity also develops their creative and imaginative skills. You can also use flash cards and slowly add more cards with more silly stories.

Encourage the children to create other fun and exciting  activities for toddlers at home to play and let their imagination run wild!

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