Toddler Activities with The Amazing Maze of Colors and Shapes



This is definitely one of the amazingly fun toddler activities every child should play with. It is challenging, provides endless hours of fun and develops the many forms of thinking skills.

Please watch the video in the product page and you will know what I mean.


There are two sides to the cards – one side to match colored circles, squares, triangles and stars and the Montessori Education Four Color Game Wooden Toys early learning toys children games toys Preschool Training Learning Toysother side to match colored circles.




Other than training the child to recognise and classify colors and shapes which are basic math skills, this toy trains their patience and persistence and as long as you keep playing you will be able to match them.

Through going along the maze to match the shapes and colors, the children goes through several important cognitive thought process. This toy forces the children in a fun way to focus and concentrate, recalls the wrong routes taken – develops memory, higher reasoning skills like divergent thinking and making calculated assumptions on how to find solutions to complete the maze.

It also develops eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills and definitely boost their self-esteem and confidence when they finally complete the maze.

Make it super challenging with the hourglass provided. – this will really heat up the game and this will prove to be one of the most fun toddler activities your children has ever played.

This toy is truly amazing with so many powerful thinking skills packed into one – it is like a power bank of essential vitamins for the children’s brain development.

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