Toddler Learning Games with The Old Time Favourite Jigsaw Puzzles

Well, we are not writing here all the benefits children can develop while playing with puzzles. I believe you have read enough.

But what we want to share with you is how to play other very fun toddler learning games using the puzzle because this is not just a puzzle.

Yes, these puzzles are colorful and bright and are cute cartoons. Grab a paper and some color pencils and get the children to pick which animal they like to draw. Let me pick the adorable giraffe. Now the giraffe head looks like a big round circle. The neck is a long rectangle sliding down covered with triangle-shaped tuft of hair. The body is another rectangle but this rectangle is smaller and is lying horizontal. Now the giraffe legs are four short rectangles. Oh, we forgot the ears. Now where are the ears? Can you see the ears? There they are two small round circles sitting on the big round circle which is the head! Oh yes, the giraffe has a tail – a real short thin rectangle will do just beside the smaller rectangle. 

Hey, the giraffe is made of rectangles, triangles and circles!

Oh, great child, you have just drawn a giraffe. Now let’s give the giraffe colors!

Through this fun trail of thoughts, the children is being trained on cognitive skills, drawing, creative skills, visual perception and observation skills. Most important it is very fun for them and they can just keep drawing.

Let us now look at this puzzle. What do you see? They belong to the same classification? What group they belong to? Yes, they are all vehicles and they can take you wherever you want to go even to the moon! Which one takes you to the moon? Which one takes you high up to the sky? Which one takes you to the school?

This fun activity trains information processing skills through classification, observation and analysing. Great activity!

Another puzzle for another fun toddler learning games and this time round is to develop their memory skills!

Can you remember all these juicy fruits in this puzzle. I will let you look at it for two minutes and I am going to cover the puzzle and you tell me all these fruits. Take note how many the child can remember. 

Now let us play this game where you create a silly story linking all the fruits.

An apple jumped over the yellow jealous mango who kicked chubby peach till she turned purple and make old dimpled pear sick and has to swallow vitamin grapes to roll strawberry to school.  

When you ask the child to recall, drop him hints like who turned purple, who has an old dimple and got sick…..

Start with just 5 to 6 pictures first and when the child can recall all the pictures in sequence, then continue with the next 6 pictures. Make it short and as funny as possible to trigger their memory.

I did this activity at the daycare centre and one child could recall 300 pictures in sequence and she did very well in her English essay writing as she had a wide vocabulary of adjectives to describe to make her essay more interesting!

Puzzles has been and will always be the old favorites for children, and will always be one of the most fun toddler learning games.
So grab one now and start having fun with your children!


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